Wednesday, 19 April 2017

8 Things Male Nurses Need to Know about the Profession

Men have been a part of the nursing profession for centuries. The latest statistics show they comprise just under ten percent of the nursing workforce. While this may seem small, the total percentage of men in nursing has grown steadily over the past decade.

As the minority, men must recognize the barriers and challenges they will face when entering the nursing workforce, and the great news is that these are often minimal.

Here are eight things men working as nurses need to know when adjusting to the profession:

  1. Society’s expectations
  2. Losing your man card
  3. Men are not compassionate
  4. Can I get a lift?
  5. Doctor drop-out
  6. It’s all in the name
  7. Unequal pay? Unequal opportunity?
  8. Patient refusal

You have complete control over how you respond and react to someone’s opinion and perception of you, a man in the profession of nursing. Be the positive, proactive, and confident liaison between what they know, what they should know, and who you truly are.

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